Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 46 – Bryan with a Y


This week Andrew is joined by Bryan with a Y from Modern Rifleman Radio. Bryan and Andrew discuss Andrew’s win at the Ontario CQB championship, an upcoming charity shoot for the Latimer Family. In the news we talk about the RCMP asking rural Saskatchewan residents to put away their guns, Montreal’s pitbull ban, a University of Toronto prof “attack” on political correctness, terror suspect takes a selfie with Little Potato. In the Philpott report we talk about Liberal staffers expensing over 1 Million dollars in moving expenses. We also talk about why only the police and military should have guns. Andrew also has the best hang up on Bryan of any podcaster to date.

Episode 46 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 46 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded on September 26, 2016.


Bryan with a Y – of Modern Rifleman Radio fame

I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and firearms instructor.


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Ragnarok Tactical Carbine Operator Course Andrew is teaching at Guelph Rod and Gun Club on October 15.


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Friends of the show recently lost their mother in a battle with cancer, and they would greatly benefit from our listeners financial support.

November 5 we are planning a charity shoot at Guelph Rod and Gun Club, all money raised will be donated to the Latimer Family.

What Are We Drinking

Bryan – Moosehead

Andrew – Wychwood

CQB Championship Review

The important part is that Andrew won and Bryan didn’t.


Saskatchewan RCMP ask rural residents to put guns away, let police handle crime


Montreal Just Delivered A Death Sentence To Thousands Of Dogs


U of T professor attacks political correctness, says he refuses to use genderless pronouns


Canadian suspect in terror probe took selfie with Justin Trudeau

Philpott Report

Conservatives hammer Trudeau Liberals over $1.1M in staff relocation expenses

Taxpayers on hook for $1.1M to move Liberal aides; top 10 expensed more than $50,000 each

Liberals accused of ‘entitlement’ over $1.1M in staff moving expenses

PMO staff charged taxpayers more than $220K to relocate to Ottawa


Only the police and military should have guns

Saint John police officer injured in firing range accident

Guelph cop accidentally fires gun during foot chase

OPP takes weeks to investigate gun stolen from open trunk of officer’s car

Rapid Fire Feedback

From Andrew’s wife: Sorry to listeners for setting off the many smoke detectors last week.


From Harrison:

Hi Andrew, glad your house didn’t burn down.

As always, another interesting episode this week, although given the number of the show I was expecting a bit more about god’s own caliber.   

Kudos as well on reminding Canadians about the costs of UN Peacekeeping.

I do want to make two observations though, because some of the information about OPEC and NAFTA’s effect on domestic oil prices was inaccurate, as was the comment regarding the UN and military spending: The 2% defense target spending target is a NATO “suggestion”, not a UN mandate.

Now on to oil.

While it’s true that NAFTA affects the domestic price of oil, it does so only by requiring us to sell to the USA and Mexico at our domestic price (Article 605).  NAFTA does not commit Canada to exporting a specific share of our oil to the United States or Mexico and Canadian producers general sell without restriction on an open, global market.

It is legally and in theory, technically possible for Canadian consumers to by our entire domestic production, but that would be economic suicide for any non-energy producing province. Such a move would dramatically increase fuel prices because Alberta and Saskatchewan oil is on the whole, more expensive to produce, refine, and in the absence of pipelines, transport than light crude from the middle east and Africa.  

We aren’t buying OPEC oil because of a treaty. We aren’t even members of OPEC (  

We are buying OPEC oil, because at least for now it’s cheaper and cleaner than our home-brew.

As an aside, if we commit to buying oil at $100 or higher from Alberta, and our competitors keep paying the lower global price, our economic competitiveness would suffer. Moreover, it would have the same inflationary effects that you and the rest of the panel correctly attributed to an increased minimum wage so beloved of the NDP and other leftist groups.

Increasing pipeline capacity would help lower domestic costs, but not enough to make increasing the share of domestic oil consumed in Ontario and Quebec more than a few % points larger.  And that only holds true if production and transportation costs in the middle east don’t fall ? which they have been doing year on year for two decades now.

OPEC’s main effect on the price of oil comes from it’s ability to limit supply of cheap oil via production quotas.

The environmental standards are a bit of red herring vis-a-vis Alberta.  Actually caring about the environment aside, the main reason we have higher standards is that it takes much more energy, chemicals and most importantly water to produce and refine Alberta oil vs OPEC oil.  

Human rights, democratic participation and labour laws are a different story and  legitimate reasons to not trade with the Saudis, but that doesn’t change the fact that extracting their oil produces fewer greenhouse and heavy metal emissions than our bitumen fields.

Keep up the good work!



From Sharp97:

Just want to wish you guys a happy healthy and sweet new year and many more podcasts. if you guys could pass this on to modern rifleman radio because I don’t have their email address and I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready before the holiday so hope you guys have a great year and lots more shooting together

Sharp 97

Note: this was sent to Canadian Patriot Podcast, New Shooter Canada, and Slam Fire Radio


I’m NOT Broken! 5 stars

By 10Gunner

Good show. Although Andrew says I’m broken I’m not. I’ll take your AR and oust it with my Swiss. I think you’re broken because you sound like a broken record blabbing on about how you think the AR platform is the end all to everything. Also, slow down. You talk too fast. This is my hate mail that that you so lovingly deserve. Take care, and keep up the left wing bashing. Mr UZI.


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