Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 31 – Do you want more government?


Do you want more government? Because this is how you get more government! This week Trevor of Slam Fire Radio fame joins Gavin, Tyler, and Andrew to discuss how Canada is adding more government to you life. You might want to check out the live recording on Youtube; the original episode was 2h25m, and included so many tangents and some good but not so relevant tangents on the AR15 

Episode 31 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode 29 of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded June 20 2016.


Trevor – Co-host, Slam Fire Radio and The Reloading Podcast, teacher during the week,  gun club VP and Match Director on weekends.  CCFR Officer for NB.

Gavin – a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club.

Tyler – co-founder and co-host of the International Liberty or Death Podcast. Tyler has been shooting for 9 years as a both a casual and sport shooter, and as a hunter. He identifies politically as a right wing Libertarian edge-lord.


… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, gun club director and lover of tacos

Last week I was invited to be on Slam Fire Radio to discuss the AR-15

If you want to hear more about the AR-15 check out – Gun Control – AR15s in Canada – CQB – Service Rifle


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What are we drinking?

Trevor – Infamous IPA
Andrew – Homebrew IPA
Gaving – Moonshine
Tyler – Carling

Funny News

Man charged after fiery argument over whether Earth is flat or round

-its in Brockville so that’ll be fun


Ottawa woman accused of impersonating elderly mom for driving test

Not So Funny News

Canada Life | Marijuana users now considered non-smokers


Justin Trudeau says Canada must address housing affordability ‘crisis’


Internet history of Harper PMO deleted from Google results at Ottawa’s request


Dying MP’s gender-neutral O Canada lyrics pass Commons hurdle


Halifax council considers fire pit ban


Suspect arrested in Calgary stabbing that left 1 dead, 1 injured


Damage claims from RCMP’s High River gun grab total $2.3 million


NTP MPP Jagmeet Singh introduces on motorcycle helmet exemption for Sikhs


Public safety minister rejects call to change classification of AR-15 rifle


Firearms Registration And The Quebec Perspective


Aboriginal leaders say Quebec must explain how new gun registry will affect them


Quiz: What does it take to acquire an assault rifle in Canada?

-How do you even reason with people like this? It’s 5 minutes, and it’s terrible, and not funny. Please stop calling AR15s assault rifles.

-Mental health information? YES

-Your religion? NO

-The breakups you’ve had in the last two years? YES

-Your income? NO

-Recent job losses?  YES

Rapid Fire Feedback


From Mike:
Hey, first off wholly bastard! Finally a libertarian, Canadian, gun loving, beer swilling podcast I can relate to! I heard about you from slamfire. Absolutely love the show. Live in guelph only a couple years into the firearm scene and obsessed. Reason for writing is to give you props and let you know I listen on stitcher.  Later gents. Thanks, Mike.  


From Adam
Subject: Stitcher
First of all I have to apologize because I’m using speech to text. I have a new baby and I can’t use my hands.
You guys were asking if anybody is using the stitcher and I’m using it. You guys were also talking in another episode about what stitcher actually is.
Like everybody else I was using a podcast app but then I got a new car. GM’s lineup GMC, Chevy, Buick all have this pre installed app in the dash (stitcher) that can be controlled through the starting wheel when connected to USB or bluetooth.
It’s not the best app but whatever, it’s in my car so I’m using it. So if you guys stop posting on Stitcher it doesn’t matter cuz I’ll just go back to my regular podcast app. But you know, a lot of people use podcasts when they’re in their car so it makes sense to keep posting to Stitcher.
( forgive the bad grammar or sentence structure like I said I’m using speech to text. Last time I submitted feedback like this some grammar Nazi started correcting me.)


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