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Canadian Patriot Podcast is honoured to announce our special guest panelist tonight, Brock Blaszczyk, the man who asked Justin Trudeau why the government is fighting Veterans in court …”Because they are asking for more than we’re able to give right now”. The panel also talks about people kind and Liberal MPS voting not to payback illegale expenses.


Hello to all you patriots out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 119 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, the number one LIVE podcast in Canada. Recorded Monday February 12, 2018.

Gavin –  a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist, CCFR Field Officer & host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club

Tim – Sport shooter, husband and father of 3, owner and operator of Tim’s Good T shirts.  Also the proud descendant of immigrants.

Marty – Hunter and Sports shooter in rural southern Ontario

Brock Blaszczyk – veteran

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Arrowhead Coffee

Arrowhead Coffee is Owned and Operated by Canadian Armed Forces Veterans. They love our Country, the True North Strong and Free,  their family and friends. Join Arrowhead Coffee on their hunt for the perfect brew to raise morale and bring that feeling of home to you, no matter where you are. A portion of all profits helps Canadian Armed Forces Members, Veterans and their Families.

What Are We Drinking

Andrew – Canadian Club

Marty – Coors Banquet

Gavin – Alberta Premium Dark Horse & Coke Zero

Tim – sick as a dog, hot tea, Earl something

CA Vets – Left in the Cold. protest


15 February at 10:00?16:00

At Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Possible date change

Some veterans want more than Ottawa can afford

PM hit with tough questions at town hall






Trudeau Popularity DECLINES After Town Halls: Poll



Some veterans want more than Ottawa can afford, Trudeau tells town hall



Liberals pledge $300 million more for veterans, say little about how they’ll pay for it


“If I earn the right to serve this country as your prime minister, no veteran will be forced to fight their own government for the support and compensation that they have earned.”


John Ivison: Trudeau is in a fight he can’t win with veterans, and his frustration shows


People Kind

Justin Trudeau says ‘peoplekind’ remark was a ‘dumb joke’



“I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone a little viral in the room on the ‘peoplekind’ comment,” Trudeau said without being prompted by reporters.

“It played well in the room and in context. Out of context, it doesn’t play so well,” he added.

“It’s a little reminder to me that I shouldn’t be making jokes even when I think they’re funny.”


Justin Trudeau’s ‘peoplekind’ remark draws ridicule in U.S. and U.K. media



Trudeau’s top advisor says those who laughed at “peoplekind” comment are Nazis


Agreeing with Piers Morgan for all the wrong reasons;

“a) I’m not a Nazi. b) It wasn’t a joke. c) If you’re one of @JustinTrudeau’s chief advisors, no wonder he’s making so many gaffes.” He then followed that up by pointing out that, “The whole world laughed at your boss & his absurdly politically correct, virtue-signalling #peoplekind nonsense. If you choose to condemn everyone who did so as being a Nazi, then I politely suggest you’re a complete & utter halfwit.” He ended by referring to Butts as “‘one sandwich short of a full picnic.’ Incredible that someone so close to your Prime Minister is able to spout such dangerously inflammatory nonsense on his behalf.”


John Robson: ‘Dumb jokes’ about peoplekind tell us a lot about our shallow PM



For the sake of peoplekind, Justin Trudeau needs to shut his mouth



Gerald Butts, the Shiny Pony’s Chief Political Advisor, calls everyone who makes fun of Trudeau’s Peoplekind spiel a nazi, (including Ezra Levant and Ben Shapiro apparently).


Philpott Report

Liberals vote against having MPs repay expenses from illegal activity


8th Annual Canadian Firearms Podcasters Network Charity Shoot

8th Annual Podcast network Charity shoot.


  • Three day event. July 5th to the 7th.
  • This year’s charity will be the Dalhousie Regional High School breakfast program.
  • Day one July 5th will be a Furlatchy Handgun Fundamentals class. 2 Spots left. Price $100 with all proceeds going to this year’s charity. Start time is 9am. 250 rounds. Preregistration is required. Email us at slamfireradio@gmail.com
  • Day two July 6th will be a Mapleseed shoot. 20 Spots Cost is $50 adults, $30 for LEO, $15 Youth. Registration starts at: 7:30 Round count is: 300+
  • Day three July 7th will be the Charity shoot. Registration is at 9am. Cost is $25
    • 1st will be a mini steel challenge match. The four steel challange stages will be, Accelorator, Pendulum, Smoke & Hope and Five to Go. These are USPSA Steel Challenges that can be Googled. Mini round count is 100, bring 200! There will be three divisions, .22 pistol, .22 rifle or 9mm and above handgun.
    • 2nd event will be a .22 rifle silhouette gallery style shoot. Distance is approx 18m. 20 rnds of .22 LR. Shoot 5 Rams, then 5 turkeys, then 5 pigs, then 5 chickens.
    • 3rd event is a round of Trap. 25 rnds of shotgun, your choice of gage.
    • Finally we’ll end the day with a fun rifle and pistol shoot. Bring what ever you want to shoot. Distances between 100-200 on the rifle range. 18m on the pistol range on steel plate rack, dualing tree and hostage target.
    • There will be four events:
    • All three events will take place at the Restigouche Gun Club in Balmoral NB.
    • BBQ provided by Smoke on the Water. Smoke Meat, sides and drinks.
  • The invitation letter will be on the Restigouche gun club’s website soon.


Please mention on the show in your fine comedic style that Furlotte has chosen a school lunch program for his charity shoot. Teaching  children that the ministry of truth can feed them better than their parents can…

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Rapid Fire Feedback

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