CPP80 – Fight for 15


Ontario Minimum Wage is going to be increased to $15/hour and Other Statist Propaganda relating to the next Ontario election the (((labour laws)))

Episode 80 Show Notes


Good evening to all the proletarians  out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 80 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, the number one podcast in Canada. We’re recording a special Thursday edition of the show on June 1, 2017.

Marty – Hunter and Sport Shooter in rural Southern Ontario.

Gavin –  a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist, content provider for Toxic Kodiak Pathfinders and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club.

Tim – owner operator of Tim’s Good T-shirts, only as a way to save on taxes.  Also a proud descendant of immigrants

I’m your host Andrew – I’m a recovering libertarian, member of the 1%, and of own a small businesses as a way to save on taxes

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What Are We Drinking

Andrew – Homebrew Cream Ale

Gavin Crown Apple & Coke Zero

Marty – Coke Zero and Crown Maple

40 Creek Copper Pot and reverse osmosis water

New Ontario Labour Laws News

Ontario raising minimum wage to $15 by 2019





  • Casual, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees will be given equal pay to full-time employees for doing equal work. There would be exceptions based on seniority and a merit system.
  • Lower minimum wage rates for liquor servers, students under 18, hunting and fishing guides, and homeworkers will also rise along with the general minimum wage.
  • Once an employee works for a company for five years, they will be entitled to three weeks of paid vacation.
  • Personal emergency leave would no longer only apply to workers at companies with 50 or more employees. All workers will get 10 days per year, two of them paid. Domestic or sexual violence will be included as a reason for personal emergency leave.
  • Employers will not be allowed to request a sick note from an employee taking personal emergency leave.
  • Give unpaid leave of up to 104 weeks to parents whose children die. It is currently only offered to parents when a child’s death is related to a crime.
  • Employers must pay three hours of wages if they cancel a shift with fewer than 48 hours notice.
  • Employees can refuse shifts without repercussion if the employer gives them less than four days notice.
  • Employees on call must be paid three hours at their regular pay rate.
  • Employees will have the right to request changes to their schedule after working somewhere for three months.
  • Temp agency workers must get at least one week’s notice when a job that was supposed to last longer than three months will end early. If that notice is not given, the employee must be paid the difference.
  • Companies that misclassify workers as “independent contractors” instead of employees in order to skirt labour law obligations would be subject to fines.
  • The maximum fine for employers who violate employment standards laws will be increased from $250, $500 and $1,000 for various violations to $350, $700 and $1,500. The government will publish the names of those who are fined.
  • The maximum fines under the Labour Relations Act would increase from $2,000 for individuals and $25,000 for organizations to $5,000 and $100,000.
  • Trainees will be afforded the same rights as all employees, but people on a co-op or internship program through school would not be.
  • Make it easier for home care and community services workers, people in the building services sector, and those who work through temp agencies to unionize.
  • Allow unions to access employee lists and certain contact information if the union can demonstrate it has the support of 20 per cent of employees.


In Ontario, the cost of doing business is high



Ontario becomes 2nd province to go ahead with $15 an hour minimum wage



Darren Cole – One Shot Tactical

On Jan 2019 it will cost a Ontario small business an extra $10,000 a year to hire a min. wage employee working 40hrs a week.

Making $11.40 now up to $15 Jan. 2019

So the min. wage employee gets and extra $5434 yr after CPP, EI and tax

The gov. gets an extra $3600 a year

The business loses $10,000 a year.

Y’all can debate whatever till you’re blue in the face. I’m just stating the numbers.

$29068 up to $39104


Ontario labour force size 7.551M in 2017

8.9% of labour force on minimum wage in Ontario

672039 minimum wage employees * $3600

2.419B increase tax revenue. THE AMOUNT NEEDED TO BALANCE BUDGET IN 2018!!!



Ontario Beer Kegs – Where Andrew buys homebrewing supplies

$15.00 an hour minimum wage. Awesome idea. totally in support of bringing folks out of poverty and improving the quality of life for working folks. I am an employer and behind better jobs. A full time job should not be below the poverty line. It should be the moral responsibility of an established business to just plain care enough.

I am blessed with awesome staff. Chock full of the ones that give a shit. You know the ones that will see a problem and just fix it. The ones that say “Hey, if I am here I am going to do a good job”. We give a shit about our guys as well. I want them to go home in one piece (we’re safe). I want them to not have to work two jobs (we pay far above industry standards and do payscale checks every year). As we have grown and the bottom line has grown we brought and will continue to bring our folks with us to share in the good fortune. It is not a hard thing to do, they are the ones that built the company anyways.

(To my staff do not panic these issues are already on my radar below) So now I am in a position where to keep my staff ahead of a crappy entry level job compensation is suddenly a heated topic in my house. And we already pay inline with the median automotive suppliers from Stratford the biggest employing sector around here. Without change on the current course our bakers dozen on hourly wages will go from a decent job to shit job. My staff just got screwed.

Our most likely strategy is going to be a hiring freeze on our starter jobs to be honest. Improve process flows to achieve higher output. And raise prices as needed. In 2019 I will just get my $1.99 medium Tim Horton’s coffee and carry on with my day without even noticing I just paid more.

Our government needs to get manufacturing back in Ontario and get us away from a service industry model if they want to make an attempt to actually end poverty. Our businesses need to be encouraged to promote innovation. We need to raise skill-sets of our children in emerging markets to attract businesses to Ontario in the future. We need to get corporation’s to adopt a mindset that a healthier employee will make a healthier company.


Ontario Minimum Wage Vs Coffee Prices


year Wage $ $ increase % increase CPI increase Inflation % Lage Tims $ $ increase % increase
1995 6.85  
2004 7.15 0.30 4.2 1.86
2005 7.45 0.30 4.0 2.21
2006 7.75 0.30 3.9 2.01
2007 8.00 0.25 3.1 2.14 1.31
2008 8.75 0.75 8.6 2.37 1.38 0.07 5.1
2009 9.50 0.75 7.9 0.31
2009 10.25 0.75 7.3 1.78
2012 1.4 1.52
2013 1.0 .094 1.61 0.23 14.3
2014 11.00 0.75 6.8 2.4 1.91 1.71 0.10 5.8
2015 11.40 0.40 3.5 1.2 1.13
2016 11.60 0.20 1.7 1.0 1.43 1.99 0.28 14.1
2017 1.8 1.84
2019 15.00 3.40 22.7   2.26*
2006-2016 3.85 33 0.68 34

*Projected price of coffee in 2019


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