CPP75 – Thousand dollar coats and fridays off


Big panel this week with Marty, Sean, Gavin, Tim, and Andrew, a short appearance by Tyler and surprise entry and exit by Matt. The gang talks about the first Ontario Action Shooting match of the year, the Ontario government buying its staff Canada Goose jackets, Saskatchewan Government Insurance and changes to the Ontario House of Commons. Tonight’s Philpott report the Liberal government buys 50, one thousand dollar jackets for staff.

Episode 75 Show Notes


Hello to all you patriots out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 75 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, the number one podcast in Canada. Recorded Monday May 8, 2017.

Gavin –  a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist, content provider for Toxic Kodiak Pathfinders and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club.

Marty – Hunter and Sport Shooter in rural Southern Ontario.

Sean – Father of one, IPSC/IDPA/3 Gun Competitor, and CCFR Regional Field Officer Coordinator.

Tyler – I’m a sport shooter, occasional hunter, father, small business owner and podcast host.

Tim – Owner/operator of Tim’s Good T-shirts, they’re quite good, I’m a sport shooter and a proud descendant of immigrants.

Andrew – I’m a recovering libertarian, competitive shooter, and firearms instructor at Ragnarok Tactical


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What Are We Drinking 

Gavin – Gooderham & Worts 4 Grain Rye Whisky & Coke Zero
Marty – Coke Zero and Sailor Jerry’s
Sean – Crown Royal Apple & Blue Sky Natural Soda
Tyler – Shock Top Belgian White
Tim – 40 creek barrel select and reverse osmosis water
Andrew – Crown Royal Northern Harvest



The CCFR is offering temporary safe storage to firearms owners in affected areas. Temporary shelters do not permit those seeking shelter to bring their firearms with them.

People are asked to call the office at 1-844-243-CCFR(2237) or e-mail info@firearmrights.ca to access a volunteer willing to help.

OAS Match 1 Recap


Wall confirms meetings about partial sale of Saskatchewan Government Insurance



Liberals propose changes to how House of Commons work


  • introduction of a question period dedicated to the prime minister,
  • the elimination of Friday sittings
  • limiting the ability of MPs to filibuster committee meetings
  • allowing MPs to vote electronically


From Chaggers Letter to respective house leaders

  • From Half Day Fridays to no day Fridays reallocating time to other days or additional sitting weeks
  • “It is with regret, but full transparency, that I want to inform you that, under the circumstances, the Government will need to use time allocation more often in order to implement the real change we promised.”




Toronto gallery cancels exhibit of white artist’s paintings over complaints of cultural appropriation


Philpot Report

Did The Government Spend $54,000 On Canada Goose Jackets For Their Staff?


Rapid Fire Feedback

Email – when you admire a basic dictatorship….



at least he isn’t a hypocrite.




Liberal House Leader Bardish Chagger announced on Monday that her government will make more use of time allocation, a practice that limits debate on specific bills or motions that will force votes and move the process along.


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Charity Shoot

The 7th Annual Podcaster Charity Shoot will be at the Guelph Rod and Gun Club on July 8 supporting Many to One, registration cost will be $40. Ragnarok Tactical will be teaching a Carbine Operator Course on Friday July 7, the cost is $200. The proceeds will be donated to Many To One.


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Thursday Teaser

Ontario Budget


Tim’s Tax story


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