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Episode 68 Show Notes


Hello to all you patriots out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 68 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, the number one podcast in Canada. Recorded Monday April 3, 2017.

Gavin –  a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist, and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club.

Marty – Hunter and Sport Shooter in rural Southern Ontario.

Tim – Owner/operator of Tim’s Good T-Shirts, (they’re quite good), a gun owner, sport shooter and is a descendant of immigrants.

Richard –

I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at www.everydaytacticool.com, and firearms instructor.


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What Are We Drinking

Andrew – Crown Royal Maple
Gavin – Woodford Reserve & Coke Zero
Marty – Coke Zero and Crown Royal Maple
Tim – Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve and Reverse Osmosis Water

Carbine Operator Course

Ragnarok Tactical is holding an Carbine Operator Course at Guelph Rod and Gun Club on April 22. The cost is $176.99 + government theft. This is an intermediate level course, you are expected to have an understanding of how the firearm functions. http://ragnaroktactical.ca/carbine-operator-course/

Keto – Everyone is Doing it!


News – Kids get shot everyday in Ontario

One child or youth suffers firearm injury almost every day in Ontario, study finds



A young person is shot every day in Ontario, Sick Kids study finds


  1. The major flaw with this study is the type of injuries is not specified in the paper. The ICD codes (disease codes) include pellet guns and other air gun injuries which would involve airsoft and paintball.
  2. As well “accidental injury” includes a legal intervention such as police shooting or discharge. I would not include this as an accidental injury necessarily.
  3. The age group cohorts are less than 15 and 15-24. The injuries and assaults in the less than 15 are very small numbers and obviously the majority of data comes from the more adult age group. Many of these may not be children as we define them (<18) at all. In medicine a pediatric patient is <18 years old. Hence no real valid data on pediatric patients can be obtained from this study.
  4. Rural can be an area like Brampton. The major real numbers of assaults and injuries come from the Urban areas. More specifically associated with a demographic that is involved in criminal activity. This cannot be applied to your average rural gun owner.
  5. Any recommendation, if any can be made from this study, would be that to reduce harm, we should be targeting at risk youth involved in pre-crime or low risk crime to reduce their entry into criminal risk behaviour. The study itself indicates some of the demographics of who these people are.


Commentary: Relax, Ontario, especially the media: our kids are not gunning each other down every day


  • Matt Gurney

8.1% are handguns/rifles/shotguns

312 unintentional injuries of youth <15

25 injuries over 5 years, or 5 per year

The same group of researchers also did a study on the same data set of Ontario looking at the causes of injuries on “youth” (<25 years old)



funded by an annual grant from the

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).

For just one year Because I am Lazy (2012-2013) Entire population not just “youth”



Kelly Leitch Panders for gun votes

Somerset: What’s with the Tory love affair with guns?



Leitch pictured firing Walther P1 in fundraising email to her Conservative Party supporters, not a Nazi-era handgun, says gun owner



Ontario’s Sunshine List Swells 727% under Liberals





Hammerhead Break – Timothy Dyksterhuis “Definitely won’t say no to a free break! Although that’s means I’ll have to buy another rifle to put it on… such a tragedy?”
Flapjacks Target – iTunes – Lord Lue wins because of the two greatest words in the English language – De Fault
“Great show with a different view then what your are used to. Gavin for the five star I would like you to try Shillow beer either waitress or sass on the side. So Apparently I can’t put a second review but for the flapjack target tannerite and/or maybe some bbs if you know what I mean (face towards enemy) :)”


Rapid Fire Feedback

Email From Jason


Thought you might like this. We stopped a govt program because :
a) it was too sucessful
b) nobody thought this many people would want a service offered by the govt
c) total website incompetence

Charity Shoot

The 7th Annual Podcaster Charity Shoot will be at the Guelph Rod and Gun Club on July 8 supporting Many to One, registration cost will be $40. Ragnarok Tactical will be teaching a Carbine Operator Course on Friday July 7, the cost is $200. The proceeds will be donated to Many To One.


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