Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 59 – SHOT Show


Danielle from Titan Tactical joins Gavin and Andrew to talk about SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Marty drops some witty banter along the way, and Tyler parachutes in to talk about the news. Marty, Andrew, Gavin, and their associated women folks have all started Ketogenic diets. In the news the panel talks about the ways the government has found to waste money for Canada’s 150th birthday, and PM Selfie being investigated by multiple groups for ethics violations.

Episode 59 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land and welcome, Episode 59 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded on Jan 30, 2017.

Tyler – a jealous gear whore who lived vicariously through Andrew and Gavin during their days at SHOT. In preparation for Ragnarok, he shoots competitively with Grey County’s Right Wing Death Squad, trains physically, and cohosts the Liberty or Death Podcast.

Gavin –  a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club, and proud member of team multicam, the official color of freedom.

Marty – A Legend in his own time who needs no introduction.

Danielle –

I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and firearms instructor.

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What Are We Drinking

Gavin – Bulleit Bourbon & Coke Zero

Andrew – Bushmills Black Bush and 1 ice cube

Marty – Crown and Coke Zero

Danielle – Hot Chocolate

AR15 Basics Course

Ragnarok Tactical is holding an AR15 Basics at Guelph Rod and Gun Club on March 11. The cost is $176.99 + government theft. This is aimed at new AR15 owners and includes operation and maintenance.

Keto – Everyone is Doing it!

Marty and Des

Andrew and Victoria day 1 – Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking by Maria Emmerich and The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by the same author. Also, using the keto subreddit for ideas, advice and motivation. Mmmmm bacon and cheese.

Gavin and Angela day 1

SHOT Show recap

Cool Stuff

Hudson H9

-striker fired 9mm 1911


Keltech RDB


-two position collapsible stock

-M-LOK foreend

-16″ barrel

-$1300 USD



-16? barrel pencil profile t

-overall length of 26.1?

-with a weight of 5 lbs



-EOTech reticle

-rechargeable CR123 via micro USB

-$699.99 USD

Viper PST Gen II

-bigger better knobs


Mission First Tactical

New polymer handguards


Cadex Kraken


-multi caliber quick change


Magpul takedown 10/22


Smith & Wesson M&P m2

Cool parties

Brownells at Gillies

-Hickock45 and John

-Little Red Danger – Eden Rose

-Lea Speed 6

-Janna Reeves

-We Like Shooting – Jeremy did not choke me out

Bowling with ITS Tactical and PDW

Getting kicked out of bars with TV Presspass and Zahal

Rifle Dynamics


ZERT – Intergalactic Kegger at Wild West Guns

Beyond/Fist Spear – penthouse party, Derek Weida, TJ from TacticalShit

4th Annual Gathering of the Tactical Beard Owners Club



Artist defends Canada 150 ‘red couch’ project from price tag critics

Philpott Report

Parliament’s conflict-of-interest watchdog opens first-ever investigation into a PM’s activities


Rapid Fire Feedback


The Island Retreat

Awesome as always.

For more helicopter-worthy news…..



Hello Gentlemen,

Keep up the fine work!

I attached the video and link below in the off chance you guys haven’t heard yet.

This latest move from the police, making new edicts like as prohibitions on looks versus technical merits, is way too far in my opinion.  It is just as ridiculous as banning guns by name in the 90s.  (Helicopter worthy to say the least.) Looking forward to your comments on it!

I will vow to listen to your podcast while painting some ancient greek on my “High powered sniper rifle”, also known as  hunting rifle.  I started a thread in CGN to encourage people to show off their “Molon Labe” gear.  It should hopefully show people you can’t ban slogans or concepts.  I am hoping if we get enough guys to change the aesthetics on their firearms, the short term smiles on these liberal statists will fade to tears.  And as you know, Liberal tears make Canadian Patriots happy.     

All the best,



Just wanted to drop you a line about the CRTC decision regarding internet speeds and the $750 million fund set up for it. I work for a small regional telecom company in Northern Ontario, so I’m pretty aware of all the challenges of implementing fibre in both rural and urban areas. Fibre is VERY expensive. From what I was told by the tech when I had fibre installed in my house (great guy by the way, fellow gunny) was that the average installation cost is about $1000 in equipment and labour. That is just for bringing it in to ONE household, never mind the costs of replacing or overlaying over the old copper in a given neighbourhood, and then running drops and buried service wires to houses.
There are 13 million households in Canada. $750 million is enough to cover the installation of fibre in 750000 of them. The article stated that the $750 million was to go to rural and underserved areas. There is absolutely no business case for running transport lines to thousands of remote communities hundreds of kilometres apart, implement the fibre infrastructure in the community, install it in all of the buildings (or shacks with flatscreen TVs hanging on the walls, like in Attawapiskat), and then maintain it. No company will EVER make back the amount it cost to install it, especially in places with little economic activity, where the residents are completely dependent on you and me (government) to pay for everything. Decisions like this is what’s bankrupting this country, “ambitious goals” with no basis in reality.
Taxation is theft,


Charity Shoot

The 7th Annual Podcaster Charity Shoot will be at the Guelph Rod and Gun Club on July 8 supporting Many to One. Ragnarok Tactical will be teaching a Carbine Operator Course on Friday July 7, the cost is $200. The proceeds will be donated to Many To One.


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