Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 54 – Conservative Party Leadership debate


This week Marty, Gavin, and Andrew get together to review and critique the first Conservative Party Leadership debate. The guys talk about changes to Ontario high school curriculum to include personal finances. Andrew also brings the listeners a special interview with Sheldon Johnston of Canada’s Libertarian Party.

Episode 54 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land and welcome, Episode 54 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded on November 28, 2016.

Marty – The only panelist whose economic plan has been reviewed by 4 leading economists at CDN universities

Gavin – a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club

I’m your host Andrew – today we remember Osama bin Laden whose work cleared the way for the new Freedom Tower in Manhattan #trudeaueulogy

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What Are We Drinking

Gavin – Crabbies Original alcoholic ginger beer

Marty – Goose Island Honkers Ale

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Financial literacy to be incorporated into Ontario curriculum

Special Interview with Sheldon Johnston

CPC Leadership Race

Intro statements

Q1. Justin Trudeau has not even created one new additional full time job in Canada in over a year of Governing. What do you think is the most important piece of your economic plan that will create jobs.

Q2. The latest fiscal update from the Liberal Government paints a pretty grim picture for the finances of this country. Government spending is on the rise and there is no plan to return to a balanced budget. Keeping that in mind what is your single biggest plan to bring the budget back to balance. Just as it was when the Conservatives left government.

Q3. Here in Saskatchewan the current inter provincial trade barriers between provinces are not only impacting local businesses negatively but also creating a negative effect on provincial economies across Canada. What do you think is the one thing the Federal Government can do to make the free flowing of goods across the provincial borders less restrictive, especially in Saskatchewan.

Q4. Just last week the Liberal Government announced that it is maintaining 2016’s number for immigration at 300K. The Liberals Economic growth council has recommended raising immigration levels to 450K over the next 5 years but the immigration minister rejected that target. What do you believe is the right approach to immigration in Canada. What number is appropriate to build our economy and to do our part on the international stage.

Q5. What would you do for those immigrating to Canada to settle into their new found lives and country.

Q6. The Trudeau Government is threatening to force a carbon tax grab on every region of the country. On the surface it seems to be an additional stream of revenue for the governments to take off the paychecks of hard working Canadians. In Saskatchewan Premiere Brad Wall has been clear that his government does not believe that this is the right approach. It has many Canadians as well as local residents concerned about what this will end up costing. What would you do differently to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Q7. Balancing the economy and the environment especially in a country like Canada with all of our natural resources requires clear direction and leadership. It means getting infrastructure projects like pipelines built while ensuring the natural beauty of our environment is conserved and protected for future generations. How would you balance these needs.

Q8. What are your plans to open and improve relations with the new American government.

Q9. For a few reasons we had a terrible grain transportation crisis a couple of years ago that cost Western farmers billions in losses. The Liberals recently announced changes to address our grain handling and transportation system for 2017. What would you do to ensure greater market access for our agriculture producers here on the prairies.

Q10. What in your opinion must the Conservative party do in order to broaden its appeal to Canadians all over the country in order to increase the chances of winning the next Canadian election.

Q11. Most people prefer a knowledgeable hands on leader, not just a Figure Head. Can you describe the type of leader you would be and what areas of expertise you would bring as a leader of the conservative party in 2017

Bonus Question:

How plan to combat crime without placing any unnecessary burdens on Canadian Firearms owners.

Chris Alexander seems pro firearms

Brad Trost has some interesting ideas too

Rapid Fire Feedback


Khabib Nurmagomedov – The interdependence of dual-sidedness is simpleminded in its polymorphism. Would you agree or disagree?


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