Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 5 – Winter Prep


Episode 5 – Preparing for Winter

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Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode 4 of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded November 23th, 2015. Joining me this evening we have…

… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m an instructor, gear reviewer at, competitive shooter, and gun club director.

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News (20 minutes)

Beowulf Magazines – Oh My God the sky is falling.


“France to allow off-duty police to carry arms”


Preparing for Winter in Canada

Winterizing your home

  • check furnace and replace filter
  • install a programmable thermostat
  • use curtains for light/heat
  • check fireplace and chimney. close flue
  • set ceiling fans slow and clockwise
  • check windows and doors for leaks and drafts. seal, install door sweeps, and add plastic sheets to windows
  • trim trees
  • winterize AC unit
  • clean gutters
  • Check your 72 hour kit and bug out bag

Winterizing your car

  • install snow tires
  • check tire pressure
  • check four wheel drive
  • change oil and adjust viscosity
  • change wiper blades and fill wiper fluid
  • pack an emergency kit
    • booster cables
    • road flares or reflectors
    • flashlight and extra batteries
    • water
    • food
    • candles
    • first aid kit
    • phone charger
  • pack a winter emergency kit
    • shovel
    • scraper
    • extra winter clothes and blanket
    • tow chain
    • salt, sand or kitty litter

Rapid Fire

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