Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 47 – Carbon Pricing


This week, Gavin, Marty, Richard, and Andrew get together to talk about the Carbon Tax pricing scheme being proposed by the federal government. The panel took part in a Ragnarok Tactical Carbine Course and share their experiences. In the news the panel covers MP Monsef’s citizenship, and giving money to Iraq instead of spending it on Canadians. Canadian Patriot Podcast in partnership with the International Liberty or Death Podcast is putting on the Fuck Cancer Charity Shoot in support of the Latimer Family on Nov 5 at Guelph Rod and Gun Club.

Episode 47 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 47 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded on October 17, 2016.

Gavin – a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club

Richard – pro firearms policy advocate working with in Conservative Party

Marty –

I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and firearms instructor.

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November 5 we are planning a charity shoot at Guelph Rod and Gun Club, all money raised will be donated to the Latimer Family.

What Are We Drinking

Richard – Water

Andrew – James Ready

Gavin – Neo Citran Night time

Marty – Coors Banquet  

Carbine Operator Course AAR

Richard, Marty, and Gavin were all in attendance.


Maryam Monsef could be stripped of her citizenship without a hearing after revealing she was born in Iran

Peterborough-Kawartha MP Maryam Monsef could be stripped of citizenship without a hearing under existing laws; Monsef rejects call to resign as minister for investigation

Giving Money to Iraq

Trudeau Announces  $200 Million Funding to rebuild Iraq’s Economy

Philpott Report 

Cost of passengers’ food and drinks on Trudeau flights to Philippines, Turkey ? $1,300 per person

Carbon Tax

Its a tax, Little Potato admitted it in the House on Oct 5


Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall willing to take carbon fight to Supreme Court


Premier Brad Wall defends ‘blunt language’ on carbon pricing


Forget the Praise: BC’s Carbon Tax Is a Failure

Higher emissions, slow growth, regressive taxation.


Here’s how much carbon pricing will likely cost households

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), for example, claims the average household will be on the hook for more than $2,500 per year.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, for example, claims the average household will see costs of $1,250 per year.


The average household uses about 2,000 litres of gasoline. A $50 per tonne tax adds 11.2 cents per litre to that, for a total cost of $224. To heat the average home, Canadians use just over 90 gigajoules of natural gas. The carbon tax adds about $230 per year to those costs.

The Looney Left

Trudeau says naysayers on Canada’s carbon-tax plan using ‘scare tactics’


Why conservatives have it wrong about Trudeau’s carbon tax

For anyone other than climate-change deniers, significantly reducing greenhouse-gas emissions is a necessity. Unless you think we shouldn’t bother cutting carbon emissions, the most economically logical way of doing so is by putting a price on carbon. That’s Economics 101 ? you know, the course conservatives usually accuse folks to their left of having skipped. It’s a solution involving free markets and price signals, rather than top-down meddling in the individual decisions of millions of people and firms. What’s more, higher taxes on carbon can be used to fund things like lower business or personal income tax rates ? something conservatives constantly clamour for.


Beginning in 2018, carbon will have to be priced at $10 a tonne, with the price rising by $10 a year until it hits $50 in 2022.


$10 tax on a tonne of carbon is equivalent to a tax on gasoline of 2 cents per litre. A $50 per tonne price means a gas tax of 11 cents a litre.


Andrew Coyne: Liberals’ carbon price hardly a drastic measure

Rapid Fire Feedback


Great Show by Lord Lue

Great show with a different view then what your are used to. Gavin for the five star I would like you to try Shillow beer either waitress or sass on the side


Funny and Informative by Mei Tao

The entire panel has something different to offer which is why I find this podcast so thought provoking and entertaining. It does make me think factors that haven’t been considered in the Canadian political scene. Gavin, I request wine. I remember the episode where it was either you or everybody drinking wine. I thought i was one of the best conversational episodes to date. Or maybe I just remembered that way because I was watching it live on YouTube while drinking wine too.



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