Canadian Patriot Podcast Epsiode 38 – Federal Government Charizard


This week Marty, Tyler, and Andrew get together to talk about Marty’s first AR15, the OAS shotgun match at Oxford, cider, government blocking watchdog’s access to data, Liberals failing to meet promises to veterans, climate change warning labels, and mass transit. The boys also address some listener feedback, and get a little more fascist then usual. Join us for a helicopter right, won’t you?

Episode 38 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode 38 of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded August 8, 2016.


Tonight I am joined by Tyler who will be usurping Gavin’s usual duties. Tyler is a true patriot whose blood smells suspiciously like napalm and shoots with Doc Holiday’s Fully Ripened Huckleberries (name subject to change) – he also co-hosts the International Liberty or Death Podcast and can be accurately described as a minarchist edgelord.

Marty – a sport shooter and hunter from southern ontario

Gavin – could not be here tonight as he is participating in a Bohemian Grove camping retreat

… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and firearms instructor.


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What are we drinking?

Tyler – Rickard’s White and a high class beverage

Andrew – Appleton Estate Rum and Coke

Marty – Waterloo Dark


Marty fixed himself and got his AR15 built

OAS Shotgun match at Oxford


Watchdog calls out Ontario Liberals for concealing data


Ontario’s financial watchdog complains, again, that Liberals are stonewalling him


Veterans disappointed with lack of delivery on Liberal campaign promises


Open letter to Rachel Notley on the minimum wage hike


North Vancouver putting warning labels on gas pumps


Calgary council approves $5.15 monthly transit pass for city’s poorest

Rapidfire Feedback


From B

What’s your take on this?   And Kim campbell will be choosing our supreme court judges now?

Anyways sorry for emailing this to your feedback email.. I was looking for a different email address but instead thought my time was better spent getting another beer.

Thanks for your podcast. Always entertaining


From CJ

Ontario Retirement Pension Plan staff


In podcast #36, you mused about who the executives were in the now defunct ORPP. I got a little bored and tried to dig up some names…

Well, I first found the bio on Indira Naidoo-Harris (

As well, there is another who was listed as being part of the ORPP for 2 years, Mitzie Hunter (

Using the Ontario Employee Directory, I found the following:

Using LInkedIn, I found 7 people listed with “Ontario Retirement Pension Plan” in there profiles.

Then, searching the above, I saw that some were using ORPP in the profile. Searching that, I came up with 90 results

That then showed me the term, “Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Administration”, which had 24 people in it.
(Note the CIO…was hired away from Blackberry in April of this year…)

No definitive list of executives and no where near the 20+ staff that you mentioned.

Notice the line that they have “engaged the Office of Auditor General of Ontario ot review the financial statements…”

…then I got more bored and dropped it…c
Keep up the podcasting…I’m having a lot of fun listening…


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