Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 36 – The Ministry of Truth


This week Gavin and Andrew talk about Statistics Canada becoming the Ministry of Truth. They also updated the 10/22 magazine issue, beer prices going up, the LCBO offering delivery, and the death of the Ontario Pension Plan to the tune of $70 million dollars.

Episode 36 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode 36 of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded August 1, 2016.

Gavin – a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club

… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and firearms instructor.


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What are we drinking?

Andrew – Cruiser All Day Pale Ale

Gavin – Pistonhead Black Lager


10/22 Update

MP Zimmer Expresses Concerns with RCMP’s Ruger 10/22 Magazine Ruling


CCFR Issues Advisory on RCMP Document





LCBO launches online sales of beer, wine, cider, spirits


Milke: Alberta’s pricier beer an example of economic incompetence

Ontario Pension Plan

Ontario spent $70 million on scrapped pension plan


Stats Canada – The Ministry of Truth

“Big Brother writ large”: Leaked documents reveal StatsCan pushing for sweeping new powers


Liberal government reinstated mandatory long form census

Chief Statistician to decide what is mandatory and what is voluntary

Chief Statistician not to be appointed by parliament

Eliminate oversight by brining IT in house, and not using other Federal Government IT


Access to health insurance records, motor vehicle registration, “vital” statistics from provincial government departments, electrical service billing files, credit card transactions, cellular telephone transactions, point of sale transactions, and internet searches


Kevin Libin: Statistics Canada makes a shrewd power grab ? while it can


Companies and other levels of government would be compelled to hand over data StatsCan deems important with fines for any “unreasonable impositions” that restrict the flow of information for statistical purposes


StatsCan is biased; measure income inequality, outcomes for immigrants, universal health care performance, and gender pay gaps. Abortion statistics how ever are sparse


StatsCan looking for powers to make all surveys mandatory, compel data from companies


Liberas and CBC naturally say this is just a way to allow StatsCan more independance and freedom from bias


Rapidfire Feedback


Poliotical Incorrectness at its best

5 stars from CaveMantoo

Making a mockery of the Canadian stereotype, these guys call out all the b*&%$it and drivel we get from the Main Steam Media. Making me feel proud to be Canadian again, they call it like it is ? am I on a watchlist now? Who cares; they would be coming for me anyways ? Grayzone.



Follow up from Jonesy

I indeed did neglect to give gavin his drink order!

Santa Theresa 1796 Solera Rum.  (Venezuelan)

You’ll probably need to go to the LCBO main store in Toronto to find it.  I’ve seen it there, in Calgary, and a few other places.  

It’ll take some work to find it.  But it’s worth your time.  Smooth sipping, flavorful, and naturally goes great with coke.

A bad copy is the captain Morgan spiced dark rum.

If you guys find yourself on the west coast, drop me an email.  I can always provide you with a sample of that glorious rum…

Also, just a thought for a show idea. AR-15 / AR-10 alternatives under Canadian law, from RFBs, Troy PARs, XCRs, all the way down to the kel Tec SU-16.

All the best,




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