Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 33 – Ragnarok Tactical


This week Tyler, Marty, and Andrew get together to spend way too much time talking about Ragnarok Tactical’s AR15 Operator Course, Canada Post Lockout, Decriminalizing anal sex for 16 year olds, and throwing ammunition in to fires. 

Episode 33 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode 33 of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded July 11, 2016.

Tyler is an IRL troll and semi-pro jimmy rustler. He’s been shooting since he was 18 and can be found competing with the non-state actors shooting team across Ontario or co-hosting The International Liberty or Death Podcast.

Marty – Sport shooter and hunter from Southern Ontario

… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and firearms instructor. I once tried to count the number of licks to the center of a tootsie pop


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What are we drinking?

Tyler – Rickard’s White

Marty – Budweiser

Andrew – Rickard’s Red


Ragnarok Tactical

Andrew has been offering training to new shooters at his gun club. In addition to being on the Board of Directors Andrew is also a Chief Range Officer responsible for training and mentoring new RSOs. Andrew has Andrew holds Range Safety Officer and Handgun Instructor certifications from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Andrew has trained with TDSA, Phase Line Green Tactical, and Max Michel Training Academy.

This course was designed for the AR15 owner that is interested in being a better competitive shooter.

  • 11 students
  • Catered lunch; smoked brisket
  • Cardboard and steel targets
  • Course fee $124, $140 with tax
  • 250 rounds

Canada Post Lockout

Why is there a lockout?

CPC management can’t reach an agreement with CUPW

Mostly over wages and pensions

CUPW has said at this time there are no plans to strike

The union wants rural and suburban mail carriers to be paid by the hour, like urban letter carriers, rather than by how many packages they deliver.

#feminism argument as many rural carriers are women.

Canada Post wants to change the pension scheme for new hires, moving them to a defined contribution plan instead of a defined benefit plan. Many private sector companies have moved to defined contribution plans because they reduce costs for companies and shift the risk for future payouts onto employees, who are no longer guaranteed a set return in retirement.

Currently CPC and CUPW are back in talks.

Problems with binding arbitration?

Does this need to be a crown corp?

Alternatives to Canada Post?



Toronto teacher calls a terrorist who killed a 4 year old Israeli girl a “hero”


Trudeau promises to decriminalize anal sex for 16-year-olds


Man injured after bullets thrown into Canada Day bonfire


Rapidfire Feedback


Your new logo rocks. Are you going to print up some T-shirts? Want one!



Hey guys I was on my way to work this morning listening to Kingston Ontario’s K Rock 105.7 when the two morning show hosts started bashing guns, saying how they are scary, and quote ” I can believe people have them in their homes so dangerous”  they were spouting off a bunch of false information about how “assault Rifles” and AR-15 assault rifles.  Im a huge supporter of your show as well as The International Liberty or Death Podcast. Tyler if you could or want to bring this up on your podcast too that would be great I couldn’t find a spot to send you the message I just sent the radio station. Bunch of Bata male CUCKS.  Here was my message to the Radio station :
I am “OUTRAGED” at the way Chris and Tony discussed how bad guns are this morning. I don’t disagree bad people are using them for bad things, but when people go on a rant as they did this morning it paints a bad picture in people’s minds that are on the fence or already don’t like guns against us Responsible Law-abiding Citizens. To go on how they know you can just walk into a range in Merica’ and pick up automatic rifles is completely false! You are not allowed to own our use fully automatic weapons even in the states! On top of that We have target ranges here in Canada with guns you can walk in and use.  And do they even know what an assault rifle is? I believe they referred to an AR-15 as an Assault Rifle…. Do they even know what AR stands for? Armalite Rifles…. it’s a brand…. Only the military has assaults rifles. They went on to say how it would be so scary to have them in your home… wow I must live on the edge because i’ve grown up with them in every house i’ve lived in and never once have they harmed anybody or anything…. I am not trying to be rude but they shouldn’t be spouting off random incorrect facts about the subject if they are not going to educate themselves on it first.
Just last weekend in Brockville there was the 6th Annual Charity Shoot. The funds raised go to a local charity. This year the money raised went to Soldier On. The community that came together to donate their time, money, gifts, props, and land was great. There was even some Americans that came up one being from Texas. A few people from New Brunswick even made it out. Without guns this would have never happened for the last 6 years and charity’s wouldn’t not have received the money raised by these people. Also our country was built around trapping and hunting. Guns are a part of our heritage that I am very proud of.
They never slander alcohol on the show? how many people turn violent after a few drinks and harm people? they never say that’s scary, in fact having alcohol in your home makes you a target for break and enter… Oh should we ban cars because people kill each other and BUS LOADS OF CHILDREN every year…. not anyone can get a firearms license… anyone can get a driver’s license. Most crimes committed with a firearm is not done by a law abiding citizen. It’s done by a person with no license, and illegally obtained firearm. But I guess banning heroin and cocaine has made that non existent and un obtainable to harm people hasn’t it?
Bad people will always find ways to harm people. If it’s not a gun it will be pressure cookers and nails such as the incident in Boston. etc. Bad people are bad people

I’m a pretty loyal listener and promote your radio station to all.. especially the Ryan Dennee show. But I will not support your station or the comments made this morning and they were very off side. Perhaps an apology to their valued listeners would be appropriate. Not for their views, everyone is aloud their view…. but for spouting off inaccurate nonsense fear mongering information.




Epic Content finally realists 5 stars by Woodsman J

Hey guys heard about you through listening to Slamfire. Great podcast! Love the topics and conversations you have. Listened to the most recent on the live youtube. You have to stop editing out your podcasts on iTunes. The un-edited versions are way better! The topics you guys cover have to be heard by more people. How else can we educate the “dick inverted morons” in our country that go with the flavour of the week and can’t think for themselves? Keep up the wicked podcast guys, also just started listening to Liberty or Death podcast and would highly recommend that if you like Canadian Patriot Podcast. Also seeing its a 5 star review drink what I will be, Seagrams VO Rye mixed with Pepsi and or Shock Top belgian white brew. Cheers for now guys!


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