Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3

Topic – Introducing non shooters to the sport

Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode three of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded November 9th, 2015. Joining me this evening we have…

Jeff a married father of one, working as a skilled trade in the construction industry. He’s been an avid firearms enthusiast for the last 5 years. He enjoys competing in IPSC, ORA, 3Gun and Cowboy Action Shooting. Jeff is on the board of directors at his gun club

Bryan – married father of two, Engineer by profession, is currently a temporarily retired hunter and has been competitive rifle & pistol shooter since 2011. Bryan is a member of the ORA and DCRA where he competes in various Service Conditions disciplines at provincial and national events. He has also dabbled in 3gun, IPSC and IDPA. Finally, he is the taller, better looking, though not necessarily smarter co-host of the Modern Rifleman Radio podcast.

Dave (aka Random Dave) has been shooting since the early 1990s and still misses his FN-FAL.. He is married, a member of the ORA, owns a computer store, knows which end of a hammer puts the nails into the board/thumb, knows the difference between veggies and weeds and is an insufferable smart ass. He helps run more matches than he shoots but once in awhile he’ll come out and shoot to prove he actually owns guns. He is also Bryan’s next of kin… at least for his Elcan. I wonder if ANdrew will just read this… hahah

… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m an instructor, gear reviewer at, competitive shooter, and gun club director.

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Toronto Police want your guns

Joining UN arms treaty will take more than Justin Trudeau’s signature

If Trudeau signs UN Arms Trade Treaty, arming allies like Ukraine will be harder


Petitioning Parkland County Council Parkland county and mayor
Save our gun club

Petitioning Prime Minister Elect of Canada/Premier Ministre élu du Canada Justin Trudeau
Mr. Trudeau, Please Leave Canada’s Firearms Laws Alone


Introducing non shooters to the sport

  • How to find people that want to go shooting
  • How to address reluctant friends or family
  • Range basics for new shooters
  • What to bring to the range for new shooters
  • Follow up trips to the range

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Rapid Fire

Email feedback;
First off i gotta say good job guys. I was catching episode 2 live because I saw it on Cdn gun worx Facebook page and I was totally impressed by the stats and logic being presented. I listen to American gun podcasts on the way to work everyday. Your podcast is on par with any of those.

You guys gotta get the big names in Canada on your show. Obviously you had Shawn Bevins, but in addition you should try to get TV press pass and Rod Giltaca for your show. Maybe link up with the Rebel Media some how on YouTube to get your show out there.

Keep it up, I’m going to try to get this thing out to add many people as I can. We need a local voice of reason and information.

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Jeff mississaugagunnut on CanadianGunNutz forum
Bryan – www.ModernRifleman and
Dave theMarauder on CanadianGunNutz forum
Andrew at

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