Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 24 – #taxationistheft


This week Tyler, Gavin, and Andrew sit down to discuss their ideas to fix Canad’s federal budget. We also talk about hydro rates going up while consumption drops, Trudeau’s campaign pledge to help jobless youth not making it into the budget, and Liberals backing off their lifelong pension plan for disabled veterans.

Episode 24 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land, and welcome to episode 24 of the Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded April 18, 2016.


Gavin – a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club

Tyler – co-founder and co-host of the International Liberty or Death Podcast. Tyler has been shooting for 9 years as a both a casual and sport shooter, and as a hunter. He identifies politically as a Libertarian.
… and I’m your host Andrew – I’m a libertarian, competitive shooter, gear reviewer at, and gun club director

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Note about Episode 22 – CQB

During The International Liberty or Death Podcast episode 59 Tyler mentioned that he didn’t have the time to add another shooting league. To be clear if he wants to shoot CQB at CFB Borden with the Ontario Rifle Association he does not need to become a member. There is a guest fee for non-members. If you have a free Saturday it’s totally worth the trip.

What are we drinking?

Gavin – Piston Head Lager

Tyler – Bush

Andrew – Leffe Brune


Hydro rates going up this summer, Ontario Energy Board says


Trudeau campaign pledge to help jobless youth didn’t make budget cut


Liberals expected to face backlash after budget backs off lifelong pensions for disabled veterans


Liberal budget still doesn’t add up, even with a few grains of salt


Topic – Ideas to fix the budget

Would military spending be better used on other services?


Violence is Golden, by Jack Donovan


Democracy: The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order by Hans-Hermann Hoppe


Libertarian Party style flat tax


Andrew’s idea

  • Eliminate personal income tax
  • Redefine goods and services tax
  • Reduce government fraud waste and abuse
    • Privatize most government services
  • Reduce government salaries, in line with Canadian Armed Forces pay scale


Canadian MP Salaries


DND Pay Rates


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