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This week Gavin, Marty, Matt and Andrew convince a panel to talk about a bunch of current events, Andrew battles with some terrible hotel wi-fi. The panel talks terrorism, the Governor General alienates Canadians, Morneau is fined $200 for conflict of interest, Ontario Liberals campaign on the public’s dime, test will be eliminated to ensure fairness, and Canadian’s still get free healthcare if they live long enough to see a doctor. 


Hello to all you patriots out there in podcast land and welcome to Episode 105 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, the number one podcast in Canada. Recorded Monday November 6, 2017.

Gavin –  a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist, host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club.

Marty – Hunter and sport shooter in rural southern Ontario

Matt – sport shooter and heavy equipment operator in southern ontario

Andrew –  I’m a recovering libertarian, competitive shooter, and firearms instructor at Ragnarok Tactical


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What Are We Drinking

Andrew – Terrible Coffee

Marty – CR Apple and Coke Zero

Gavin – Jack & Coke Zero

Matt – Bacardi Oakheart & Dr. Pepper


Canada Politics

One month later, no terrorism charges in Edmonton attack



ISIS fighters are coming back to Canada. Are they a threat? It’s complicated: report



Canada’s hypocritical ‘feminist’ foreign policy



In what universe is it appropriate for a Governor General to deride people for their beliefs?: Urback



Governor-General Payette jeopardized her neutrality with secular spiel to scientists



Morneau pays $200 fine under Conflict of Interest Act



The one sport Canada utterly dominates: Corey Bellemore smashes beer mile world record again



22 Minutes: Sexy Climate Change Song



Ex-Gitmo captive set to sue Canada for $50 million for alleged complicity in torture


Ontario Politics

BATRA: Wynne Liberals using our cash to get re-elected



Ontario Liberals and Tories ramp up ad campaigns before new election spending caps take effect



Kitchener Police offering amnesty for unwanted guns


Specifically doesn’t target criminals.


Conrad Black: In response to falling test results, teachers’ federation proposes ending testing



‘It’s insane’: Ont. patient told she’d have to wait 4.5 years to see neurologist


Bone Is Not Alone




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