Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 56 – Body Armour and Tactical Gear


Gavin, Tyler, and Andrew hold the inaugural meeting of Gear Whores Anonymous. In the news we talk about the Ontario Liberals giving their managers a $125 million raise, and Albertans chanting Lock Her Up. The guys have a long and very detailed technical discussion around selecting tactical gear; from belts to vest, to chest rigs, to body armour and plate carriers there isn’t anything we don’t have an opinion on, and we’re pretty sure it’s always better in multi-cam.

Episode 56 Show Notes


Hello to all of our listeners out there in podcast land and welcome, Episode 56 of Canadian Patriot Podcast, recorded on Dec 12, 2016.

Tyler – a CH-47 doorman who rides the fine line between operator, gear whore, range ninja, and troubling militant. He is the cohost of the International Liberty or Death Podcast and cofounder of the Grey-Bruce Ditch Fillers. He currently shoots with Oswald Spengler’s Lead Delivery Team.

Gavin – a business owner, gun enthusiast, hunter, atheist and host of the Greater Toronto Area chapter of the Tactical Beard Owners Club

My name is Andrew, and I’m a gear whore. It’s been 3 days since the last time I bought something multicam.

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What Are We Drinking

Gavin – Tall boys of Corona

Tyler – Rickard’s White

Andrew – Rum (and Coke)


Liberals give themselves a HUGE $125M pay raise before Christmas

‘Lock Her Up’ Chant A Very Real Danger To Canadian Democracy

Tactical Gear Selection

From: Sharp Nintyseven

Subject: armor

Message Body:

hey guys,

Great show!

Just wondering if you could do a section on plate carriers and how to chose them and what plates you suggest?

First Line

Gear that you always have or need as a minimum –  Police duty belt

Andrew – HSGI Suregrip Battle Belt, 3x HSGI Pisotl/Rifle Tacos, dump pouch, SOE Compact Tear-Off Med Pouch, Mil Spec Monkey shear pouch plus, holster, carabiner

Gavin – Stormrider Gear Over/Under lord belt system, 3x HSGI Pistol/Rifle Tacos, HSGI Multi Mission Medical Taco, cheapo “universal” holster (at the moment)

Tyler – stiff gun belt, a holster securely fixed to your person with retention you’re confident in, capacity to carry 2+1 pistol magazines and 5+1 rifle magazines in an accessible fashion.

I use the HSGI cobra belt, hsgi tacos on a thigh rig (OR bladetech revolution magazine holsters fixed directly to the belt). I use a bladetech d/os holster since it allows me to use the same holster config whether I’m wearing body armour or not.

High ground dump pouch

Eye/ear pro goes without saying, med kit/ IFAK I just put together a kit built on the Grey ghost gear med pouch – $100-150

Second Line

Extra ammo, good to have items

Andrew – HSGI Chest Rig and Rifle Tacos,

Gavin – Haley Strategic Chest rig with Haley Strategic Flatpack and Ferro Concepts Dangler

Tyler – difficult time imagining where I’d want a chest rig over my thigh rig, or where I’d want a chest rig instead of a full carrier, so I don’t own nor have I ever owned one. I do however have more HSGI tacos distributed on my Eberlestock x3 lo-drag pack, which serves as my primary pack and means for “canadian carry” – ie hauling a non-restricted rifle around wherever I go. I would recommend HSGI tacos because of their flexibility – they will hold any pistol/rifle magazine securely and are adjustable.

Hydration – hsgi bottle holster and camelbak armourbak 3L

Clothing – For pants, a shooter needs to consider belt loop size and placement. The 3 and 9 o-clock positions on your waist should be free of loops, and the loops should be large enough to accomodate not only the gun belt but its buckle too. A workaround for this would be to go to an inner and outer belt system, but I feel they’re unnecessarily bulky. For shooting pants I prefer Vertx and 5.11. The fit should be neat and trim, but still allow for a skin-tight base layer and another layer of fleece or similar material to be worn comfortably, ie not so tight that movement and shooting position is inhibited. The same goes for your top.

Footwear – I’ve had Rocky boots fall apart in months. The only boots I’ve owned that I will put my name behind are Danners. For winter I wear Danner 8″ pronghorns with 800gr of thinsulate. I buy a half-size up to accommodate layered socks. For fall, spring and summer I wear Danner 8″ Kinetic GTX. Note that the kinetics are not waterproof. Belleville boots come in at a close second, even their off-shore boots marketed under the Tactical Research brand have held up to a lot of use in my experience.

Body Armour

Andrew – Level 4 plates, Shellback Tactical first gen Banshee, with HSGI Waa/Wee shoulder pads. About $220 USD. Convertible cumberbund.

Gavin – Level 3 plates, Ferro Concepts FCPC, with Ferro Concepts Shoulder Pads, Elastic cumebund with mag/utility pouches.

Tyler – lvl 4 steel plates with anti spall carried in a recently adjusted high ground plate carrier. The carrier comes with a cumberbund but I have done away with it as I prefer to carry on my thigh where things are more accessible. On the carrier itself I only use a pair of pistol tacos which could be used for extra pistol magazines or more commonly a light and multitool.

How to pick

Price, Features, Quality, Availability

Tyler – I chose this carrier because it was feature-rich, light on bullshit, US-made sold by a reputable dealer (one shot tactical), and modular. The carrier comes with an adjustable and removable cumberbund, internal pockets for flat items such as a map or dope sheet, drag handle on the back side, quick release buckles on both sides, a quick release system for the plates, it came with shoulder pads with loops for routing comms or water, and accessory side plate carriers are available.

When it comes to the price I paid 260 3 years ago but last I checked the price was a lot closer to 400. The price is ultimately irrelevant. It’s a life-saving device and the difference between good and bad is only a few hundred dollars. Are you worth an extra $100? Probably. There is always the added safety net of higher end items having better resale too. I’m a buy-once, cry-once kind of guy so I buy quality where it’s warranted and I save, sell or trade to get what I need if I can’t afford it. Between the carrier, plates, pair of tacos and hydration pack you’re looking at probably $1000 to replicate my carrier setup, and another $400 or so for the thigh rig and holster.

It’s an expensive hobby/lifestyle, and there’s no shame in buying low and mid tier equipment if it suits your purposes or you’re flipping items as you go and reinvest in good stuff along the way.

Philpott Report 

Trudeau Skipped More Question Periods Than He Attended In First Year As PM

This is more than Harper

? of the time he had an excuse like international or domestic travel.

36% he was just absent

Rapid Fire Feedback

Email From Thomas

Hello, Andrew, Gavin and Marty.

Episode 55 was one of the most engaging CPP episodes I’ve heard in a while.  Not that there is anything wrong with your previous work, it is the topic and how you your guest host Jewel dealt with the material that caught my interest.  I downloaded a copy Ep. 55 to keep and listen to a second or third time.

Jewel was an excellent addition to the show.  While I’ve heard her on a few other podcasts, she really shone on CPP, adding an interesting and yet another varying point of view to the discussion.

I hope you are able to have her on again.

Mr. Heinlein had it right; a person should earn their franchise.  It is too valuable to be wasted as many of us who have it given to us do.

Please keep up the great work.

Your devoted listener,

– Thomas  

Email from the letter Z

Last episode you guys talked about electoral reform with Jewel. I don’t agree with Andrew’s idea that you need to earn the right to vote. It’s already your right. Andrew’s idea was still better than Jewel’s, she took live action role playing way to far with her milita. Keep you the good work.



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