7th Annual Canadian Firearms Podcasters Charity Shoot

Charity Poster


Friday July 7

Ragnarok Tactical Carbine Class https://practiscore.com/ragnarok-carbine-course/register

Friday Pub Night https://practiscore.com/friday-pub-night/register

Saturday July 7

Charity Shoot https://practiscore.com/7th-annual-canadian-podcaster-charity-shoot/register

Saturday Pub night https://practiscore.com/friday-pub-night-clone/register

Invitation Letter


Group accommodation not available at this time. Pub nights to be in the area of Stone Rd and Gordon St, Guelph. There are several hotels in this area.
Stone Rd and Gordon St is about 15 minutes from Guelph Rod and Gun Club.

Stages and Minimum Round Counts

Stage 1
Mapleseed Qualification
Rifle, 40 Rounds

Stage 2
Pistol, 12 Rounds

Stage 3
Carbine, 14 Rounds

Stage 4
Shotgun, 14 Rounds

Stage 5 – Plate Rack, 50/50, lowest time wins
Pistol, 5 rounds
5$ to reshoot as time allows


Canadian Patriot Podcast

The International Liberty or Death Podcast

Modern Rifleman Radio

Slam Fire Radio

New Shooter Canada


Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights

Ragnarok Tactical

Spatha Tactical

Valkyrie Defense Group

CDN Gunworx

Highlander Tactical

S&J Hardware


Colt Canada

TDSA Canada

Lanz Shooting Supplies

Tactical Ordnance

Seven Six Two Systems

Titan Tactical & Combat Inc.

Gryphon Energetics

Matador Arms Corp

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Project Mapleseed

Farmers Edge

Vam Computers